We Need You!

Fertility Within Reach was incorporated nine months ago by former Infertility patients who have successfully advocated for the Infertility community. We’ve accomplished so much in 2011, our inaugural year. Within that short time, our new organization has:

• Begun an Infertility Awareness Campaign and worked with medical experts such as The Mayo Clinic to update their definition of Infertility to align with the definition written by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

• Helped patients in Hawaii, Maine and Massachusetts with their testimony at legislative hearings.

• Guided countless patients through the insurance appeal process.

In an incredibly difficult economic time for nonprofit organizations, we have not only survived, but are gaining momentum.

So that we can further increase efforts to increase access to fertility benefits, please make your 2011 tax-deductible donation now!

Your support will help us:
• Work with well-known urologist Dr. Paul Turek to secure grant funding to pediatric oncology patients so they can afford to store their reproductive tissue prior to cancer treatments.

• Present seminars on how to gain access to Infertility treatment and other family-building benefits.

• Distribute tool kits for patients to use in their advocacy efforts.

Fertility Within Reach has momentum now. We want to thrive!

With greater outreach, the more hope exists for those touched by Infertility.

We ask you to take action in simple, specific ways:

  1. If you know Infertility patients without benefits, please tell them about our services.
  2. Encourage anyone interested in speaking out, advocating, leading a grass-root effort to contact us.
  3. Pass on stories of people assisted by our efforts and resources.

Any contribution you make, via donation and/or action, is an excellent investment because HOPE in the Infertility community is priceless.

Celebrate with us. Join the momentum. We are extremely excited about the future and would love to share it with you. Since we are a recognized 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, your donation, as always, is tax-deductible.

Your commitment today will truly make a difference in advancing access to infertility treatment and other family-building benefits.

We hope that you will consider making a gift today.  


Davina Fankhauser and Sandra O’Keefe
Co-Founders of Fertility Within Reach