Julie Walden

Julie is a stay-at-home Mom to one son whom was conceived through In-Vitro Fertilization in November 2004. Julie and her husband suffer from multiple aspects of infertility, and have struggled with it throughout their entire relationship, since meeting in April 1996. Her husband was sterile when they met at age 24, but he had a successful varicocelectomy surgery to repair the varicocele in December 1996. He produced normal semen analysis results for several years there after, however, when he was tested again during their fertility work-up in 2004 it was discovered that he had a low sperm count, low motility and low morphology. In addition to their male factor infertility, Julie has suffered from severe endometriosis for 23 years, since the age of 17. She has undergone multiple laparoscopies to remove adhesions, fibroids, endometriosis & scar tissue. At age 32, Julie was also diagnosed with Diminished Ovarian Reserve (D.O.R. poor quality and quantity of a woman’s egg supply), and was advised by her Reproductive Endocrinologist that her best options for creating a family were to adopt or do IVF using donor eggs & donor sperm. She did not follow that advice but did one cycle of IVF using her own eggs & her husband’s sperm. Despite all the odds and her discouraging stimulation cycle she did manage to conceive during that cycle, and had her beautiful healthy baby boy as a result. Unfortunately, during the seven years following the birth of her son, she went through a failed IVF cycle, and a total of eight miscarriages/chemical pregnancies. Amazingly, even though they were given about a 1% chance of conceiving on their own, seven of those pregnancies were natural conceptions. Although they would love to have more children, they are no longer trying to conceive, and feel very content, happy and blessed to have their special little family of three.

Julie has worked in the medical field on an administrative level since 1992. Her medical background, personal experience with infertility, and caring empathetic nature makes her a wonderful support to others who are facing similar challenges with trying to conceive. Julie worked for an infertility clinic between 2005 and 2008 as a Patient Support Advocate. In this position, she provided emotional support on an intimate level for all patients. She was available via telephone conversations and/or e-mails 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She also acted as a liaison between the patients, nurses, office staff, and physicians. This allowed for patient questions, concerns and complaints, that otherwise may not have been mentioned at all, to be heard and addressed appropriately without compromising patient care.

Julie is extremely passionate about her ability to help others, and is equally as passionate and excited to be a part of the Fertility Within Reach organization. As you are most likely already aware, dealing with infertility and all of the physical, emotional, and financial frustrations that go along with it can be overwhelmingly stressful. Julie has experienced and understands most every aspect of it, and would love to help support you through your trying to conceive journey. Please remember that you are not alone. Julie invites you to reach out to her anytime, juliewalden@hotmail.com.