Sima Fishman

Director and Officer

Sima Fishman is a business consultant, with a focus on strategy, economic, and financial analysis. In this respect, Sima brings a pragmatic perspective to the policy and advocacy operations of Fertility Within Reach. Sima’s academic background includes a BA in Mathematical Economics from Temple University and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. She has been involved in economic and financial impact analysis of policy and management decisions in the US, Africa, and Asia. Recently, she provided financial management support at the Director level to a private organization, supporting a corporate marketing department with a focus on direct mail. In the not-for-profit world, she has consulted to the Older Women’s League, sponsor of Older Americans’ Mental Health Week.

Sima’s experience has included sponsoring Senate briefings, crafting and circulating fact sheets and information packages, assessing survey results, and writing grant proposals. As a mother, Sima recognizes parenthood as one of life’s greatest joys. She is excited to bring her skills and efforts to the Fertility Within Reach team to help others achieve their family building goals.