Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Davina Fankhauser and Sandra O’Keefe

Fertility Within Reach was founded by Davina Fankhauser and Sandra O’Keefe to empower individuals to use their own voice in advocating for infertility awareness and equality. In March of 2010, Davina and Sandra created the concept of Fertility Within Reach to change the status quo and achieve social justice for all impacted by the devastating disease of infertility. One year later, Fertility Within Reach formally became a non-profit organization on March 22, 2011.

By providing tools and resources to bolster self-efficacy, we hope to ease the burden of infertility on public health one person at a time. Fertility Within Reach will continue to develop unique strategies on how to communicate effectively with decision-makers in the government, insurance industry and business employers.
Davina and Sandra have worked together for over five years to raise awareness of infertility and activate change within the community.

Davina Fankhauser
Sandra O’Keefe