Sandra O’Keefe

Sandra has been an infertility advocate for four years. She has volunteered for Resolve of New England and is a Vice President on its Board of Directors. She has lobbied at the Massachusetts State House and has testified before legislative committees on the need for changes surrounding infertility insurance coverage. Sandra has participated in RESOLVE’s Annual National Advocacy Day where she has traveled to Washington, DC to meet with state senators and house representatives on the need for nation-wide infertility insurance coverage and adoption tax-credit.

Fortunate to live in the state of Massachusetts where an insurance mandate for infertility treatment exists, Sandra is the proud mother of two children. One of her major passions is connecting people in the infertility world with one another using the Internet, especially through social media channels. Chances are that everyone is impacted either directly or indirectly by infertility. There is strength in numbers and by joining together, we have the power to make the dream of having a family a reality for everyone.

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