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Fertility Within Reach (FWR) is a national non-profit organization providing education, coaching and resources to empower individuals to advocate on their own behalf, create a consistent understanding of the disease of infertility, and promote reproductive health preservation. Some cancer therapies may cause sterilization.

One of the most effective strategies in the realm of preventative medicine is to bank reproductive cells before undergoing cancer treatment. Unfortunately, this resource is rarely covered or supported under any insurance plans. As a consequence, it is vastly underutilized and results in much more costly and largely less effective (or even ineffective) treatments for infertility later in life. turekpic

FWR has teamed up with world-renowned urologist Dr. Paul Turek, of The Turek Clinic, to develop a way for post-pubertal youth to afford banking their reproductive cells at the time of their cancer diagnosis to remove the cost barrier.   Our mission is simple: to ensure that cost is not the major obstacle for post-pubertal children to bank their reproductive cells.

  • Banking on the Future serves post-pubertal oncology patients: adolescents through young adults, up until the age of 21.
  • We offer individual grants to cover the cost of storing the necessary reproductive cells of children who are about to begin cancer treatment that will impact their reproductive future.
  • We have agreements with several banking locations throughout the country so we may offer this service nationwide.  Preferred locations include the Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank and California Cryobank.

Fertility need not be a casualty of cancer. Research shows that individuals diagnosed with infertility experience stress levels comparable to those of individuals diagnosed with cancer.  We have an opportunity to prevent these young individuals from repeating their traumatic stress as adults and provide them with an opportunity to create a family.

Financial contributions allow Fertility Within Reach to provide this program to patients in need.
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Fertility Within Reach would you like to share an important resource which provides essential information to empower you in your health care decision making.  ReproTech provides a free brochure on Fertility Preservation 101.




Fertility Within Reach is a registered 501(c) (3) organization. General information about our organization can be found at  For more information about our organization and this project, please contact the President and Co-Founder of Fertility Within Reach, Davina Fankhauser, via telephone 857.636.8674 (Mobile) or

The Turek Clinic
, founded in 2008, is a leading men’s health practice specializing in male infertility, vasectomyvasectomy reversal, varicocele repair and other minimally invasive procedures using innovative and leading-edge techniques with success rates that are among the highest in the world. Its director, Dr. Paul Turek, FACS, FRSM, is President of the Society of Male Reproduction and Urology and is a recipient of a prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant for research designed to help infertile men to become fathers. For more information, visit A complete biography of Dr. Turek is available on Wikipedia.

The Turek Clinic locations:
The LA office is located at 436 N Bedford Drive, Suite 202 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and may be reached at (310) 499-9299.
The San Francisco office is located at 55 Francisco Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94133 and may be reached at (415) 392-3200.