Cellular Deflectors: Protecting our fertility

by Davina Fankhauser
President - Fertility Within Reach

Fertility Within Reach has a Questions and Answers interview with Daniel Haspel, founder and president of Cellular Deflector.  We wanted to ask questions about cell phones and their possible link to reduced fertility and if it’s true, what can be done to minimize the risks.

Being afraid of cell phone radiation sounds like something for the “tin foil hat” crowd…  Our readers are reasonable people – why should they be worried?

“Unfortunately the science is becoming pretty clear on the safety of cell phone emissions, particularly for male reproduction.  There was a recent paper in the Journal of Andrology that reviewed the science that had been done to date (it can be found online here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.2164/jandrol.111.014373/abstract;jsessionid=DE6152FFFB69551E737999EF97B83717.d02t02)

The paper pulls from dozens of recent studies and finds that they point towards a real risk for male reproductive health.  Quoting from the abstract: “human spermatozoa exposed to RF-EMR have decreased motility, morphometric abnormalities, and increased oxidative stress…   Men using mobile phones have decreased sperm concentration, motility, normal morphology, and viability”.

On our website we pull some additional quotes from some of the individual papers that the authors reference: http://cellulardeflector.com/science/

There haven’t been any specific studies on teenagers but there is certainly cause for concern.  This is the first generation to grow up with cell phones from an early age.”

Yikes!  Can you tell us more about how the cell phone emissions actually cause this sort of harm, for our readers who don’t have time to download and read long scientific papers?

“There appear to be two basic methods for causing fertility damage.  The first is heat and the second is direct cellular damage from microwave exposure.

It is common knowledge that heat is bad for male reproduction.  For instance, that’s why you’re told to stay out of hot tubs if you’re trying to get pregnant.  The heat problem with cell phones in pockets is twofold.  In some cases, the phone itself just gets hot.  You’ve probably felt it when you’re holding the phone in your hand.  This can be due to battery charging, heavy usage, or various other situations.  Regardless of why, having a hot phone in your pocket just an inch or two from your reproductive organs simply isn’t a good idea.

The other heat-related issue is that microwave radiation may introduce a heating effect in the cells that are exposed, essentially “cooking” the reproductive system.  Cell phones transmit using communications frequencies in the microwave spectrum that range from ~800 Megahertz (MHz) to ~2.5 Gigahertz (GHz).  Wikipedia has a nice chart: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellular_frequencies.  Keep in mind, these are same microwaves we talk about in normal life–your microwave oven actually uses waves at 2.45 GHz to heat food!

Finally, some recent papers suggest that those microwaves may be able to cause direct cellular damage, affecting the ways that exposed cells grow and divide.  This process is less well understood, but may be the cause of many of the abnormalities observed in the studies discussed earlier and could potentially be linked to long-term impacts.”


Ok, but what can someone do?  In today’s world you can’t just stop using a phone, so what can be done to avoid the dangers you just described?

“Needing a phone at all times is a reality of life these days and our proprietary research shows that a full 90% of males prefer to carry their phone in their front pants pocket.  There are some easy ways to reduce exposure which we recommend everyone follow:

1)      When possible take your phone out of your pocket—put it on a desk on in a bag or just carry it in your hand

2)      When the phone has low signal it has to use extra power to communicate so try and limit your usage in those scenarios.  Your battery life will thank you too!

3)      WiFi uses less transmitting power than cellular data so use it whenever possible

4)      Bluetooth earpieces are great but never make a call with your phone in your pocket, it’ll be transmitting right next to the reproductive area!

But sometimes life gets in the way and you just can’t get the phone out of your pocket, which is why we developed the Pocket Cell Phone Shield.  We wanted a way to keep putting the phone in the pants pocket but still protect the reproductive area—we needed a shield for the pants pocket to deflect the emissions that would otherwise be heading for your body.  A shield is much better than a case for this situation because a shield can selectively block the emissions only in one direction so the phone keeps working normally.”

OK, so give me some details.  How does the Pocket Cell Phone Shield work?  What kind of metals? How much does it block?

“The Pocket Cell Phone Shield works by blocking microwave frequencies, as well as direct heat and low-level magnetic fields, through the use of metallized fabrics and foils.  You know that the reason you aren’t supposed to put metal in your microwave is that metal reflects microwaves.  In your oven that’s a problem because it can reflect them back into the electronics and cause the whole thing to fry, create sparks, etc.  We’re able to take advantage of that same phenomenon (but without the sparks and explosions!) by using fabric with actual metals woven in.  We set those up as a wall on the inside corner of the pocket and stop transmissions from going in that direction and that direction alone.  That means that the phone can communicate normally in every other direction, so it works normally and you don’t absorb cell phone emissions.

The primary materials we use are a copper fabric, a nickel-cobalt alloy fabric, and a cobalt alloy foil.  The copper is on the outside, while the cobalt fabrics and foils are sandwiched inside as there’s some nickel in them and that’s a potential allergen for some people.  The copper fabric theoretically blocks up to 99.9%+ of transmissions, but in reality the reduction is lower—our testing indicates effective blocking of about 90% and nearly complete reflection of direct heat—because there will still be some amount of reflections and bleed around the edges (the same way the fabric of a beach umbrella blocks the light coming at it but if you’re sitting under it you certainly aren’t in the dark!).”

That sounds almost too good to be true.  Can you prove it?

“I thought you might say that.  That’s why we filmed performance videos showing the difference in heat and microwave exposure between a shielded and unshielded pocket.  Take a look at http://cellulardeflector.com/performance-videos/.  I think you’ll be convinced.”


How do our readers access more information and a Pocket Shield?

“Product details can be found here: http://cellulardeflector.com/specifications-performance/

Shields can be purchased here: http://cellulardeflector.com/products-page/”


PocketShieldPlease note, this blog post is not a paid advertisement.  Fertility Within Reach is simply providing you with information and resources.

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Davina Fankhauser

President - Fertility Within Reach

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