Commit to Make a Difference in 2012

by Davina Fankhauser
President - Fertility Within Reach

Whether you are an individual living with infertility or know someone who is, we encourage you to commit to make a difference in the coming year.  As 2012 approaches it is an ideal time to reflect on lessons learned and move forward in life.  We have a few ideas how to channel some of your newly motivated energy to benefit the 1 in 6 couples living with infertility.

We hope these tips are mere reminders for you and you will pledge to pass the information along.

Top Ten Ways to Support Infertility Patients

10.  Increase your awareness of the disease of infertility and family-building options.

9.  Be compassionate.  Support the patients in a manner that helps them.

8.  Support causes that will further the preservation of fertility.

7.  Discuss adding infertility coverage to your employee health benefits package with your Human Resource Department.

6.  Send a letter to your state legislator asking them to sponsor and/or support a bill to mandate infertility insurance coverage in your state.

5.  Send a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services asking they make infertility treatment part of the Essential Health Benefits.

4.  Send a letter to your insurance company requesting they offer infertility coverage or a rider for coverage.

3.  Share resources such, as My Mobile Fertility or Fertility Within Reach, with your friends and family (via website and social media).  Twitter: @FertilityReach, Facebook: Fertility Within Reach,,

2.  Contribute financially and/or volunteer your time or services to organizations which support infertility patients.

1.  Support the infertility patients in a manner that helps them.  We realize this is a repeat.  It’s worth restating.

Just imagine the change that can come about if everyone took the time to do at least one of the above options and passed the information along.

Thank you in advance for doing your part.  Your support is priceless.

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Davina Fankhauser

President - Fertility Within Reach