Extreme Home Makeover and the Hero Within Reach

by Davina Fankhauser
President - Fertility Within Reach

For the past nine years many of us have cried each time we watched Extreme Home Makeover. What moved us the most; the strength of the families receiving help, the communities coming together to give back, those who provided financial support, the beautiful creations of the contractors, and/or the staff and extraordinary team that made this show magical?

While we can be grateful for what Extreme Home Makeover has contributed to our society, our lives, it’s clear from reading many blogs that viewers are also going to experience a profound loss with the series finale. It reminds me of how I felt when Princess Diana died. What are we grieving? For some we will miss the constant reminder of hope and the ability to witness good bestowed upon the deserving.

We believe there is good and hope to be seen everywhere, especially if it comes from within us. If you want to see good come to the deserving, volunteer. If you need to be reminded of hope, give it. Your actions can make your community and the world a better place. We have also learned from this show, and our own experiences, that your spirit can soar from the experience of taking action on behalf of someone else.

Fertility Within Reach would like to share with you an important opportunity to help the 1 in 6 couples suffering from the disease of Infertility. If you write an email to The Department of Health and Human Services and ask they include Infertility treatment within the Essential Health Benefits, this action could help create families and reduce costs associated with insurance premiums. Public input is encouraged, due by Jan 31, 2012, and can be sent to EssentialHealthBenefits@cms.hhs.gov. Please take the time to share your story and ask for infertility to be an essential benefit. Fertility Within Reach has information you can use to support your request. Please don’t wait another day. Act now and feel good about yourself for taking action!

You are the Hero within reach. You can help create the ultimate extreme home makeover; crafting an opportunity for couples to build their family.

Extreme Home Makeover Team


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Davina Fankhauser

President - Fertility Within Reach