Flexible Spending Account: Does your employer offer this benefit?

by Davina Fankhauser
President - Fertility Within Reach

We encourage everyone to advocate for health benefits to cover expenses related to infertility treatment.  However, we understand many individuals will move forward and pay out of pocket for their health care.  For those of you looking to pay for medical expenses in 2012, not covered by insurance, we suggest you ask your employer if they offer a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).  This is a benefit offered to an employee by an employer which allows a fixed amount of pre-tax wages to be set aside for qualified expenses. Qualified expenses may include child care or uncovered medical expenses. The amount set aside must be determined in advance.  For some companies there is a maximum of $2500, but we have seen the amounts vary by employer.  Be aware that employees lose any unused dollars in the account at year-end.

If your employer offers a flexible spending account we hope you will learn more about the program by contacting your Human Resource Department.  If your employer does not currently offer this benefit, we encourage you to make a request for next year.

We understand what it is like to pay out of pocket for infertility health care.  Having a Flexible Spending Account is a nice option to have.  Every bit of savings makes a difference, right.

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Davina Fankhauser

President - Fertility Within Reach