Insurance information- More details at the Fertility Planit Show

by Davina Fankhauser
President - Fertility Within Reach

Fertility Within Reach is designed to educate and empower individuals to gain access to infertility health benefits through the use of our step-by-step instructions and supportive research/data.  In addition, we honor our mission to help youth preserve their reproductive health through our Banking on the Future initiative.  This program, co-founded by The Turek Clinic, allows us to offer grants to cover the cost of storing reproductive cells for pediatric-oncology patients prior to their sterilizing cancer treatment.

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This weekend we travel to sunny Los Angeles, CA.  No, we are not attending The Golden Globes.  Even better, we have the opportunity to share our resources during the Fertility Planit Show.  This patient conference will have exceptional information with a sprinkle of celebrities who are committed to help those facing infertility.   We are honored to share exhibit Booth #220 with Baby Quest Foundation, as well as moderating the educational session, “Financial Planning for Family Building”.

If you can’t attend the show, we still have information for you.  Because we are in California, we are sharing specific information to help infertility patients in The Golden State.

Understanding the California infertility mandate of 1989:

  • California Health and Safety Code Section 1374.55
  • California Insurance Code Section 10119.6

Group insurers are required to offer Infertility treatment, except IVF.

Exceptions: Religious organizations, self-insured employers

  • Patients must experience inability to conceive or carry pregnancy to live birth after a year or more of regular sexual relations without contraception.
  • Limits pre-existing condition to 12 months.

Companies providing infertility health benefits in California

(Updated 2010.  If you have information to contribute, please contact us)

Autodesk = $10k lifetime max, $5k meds (United)
Bank of America
Cisco = $15k lifetime max
City of Orange
City of San Francisco
Deloitte and Touche
Elan = 3 attempts
Electronic Arts
GAP = $2k lifetime max
Genentech = $10k lifetime max
HP = $5k medical, $5k meds (lifetime max)
HSM (Honeywell Security and Monitoring) = $20k lifetime max
IBM = 2 IVFs
Intuit = $10k lifetime max (Definity/United)
Johnson & Johnson
Knight Ridder
LA Fire Dept
LA Times
Microsoft = $15k max for all fertility (including meds)
Moreno Valley Unified School District (MVUSD) covers 50% infertility (including IVF and meds) With the meds – you have to pay 100% up front and then they reimburse you 50% (BCBS)
Palm = $5k
Pepsico Food and Beverage
Price Waterhouse
Quaker Oats
Raytheon and I just found out yesterday that our coverage through United Healthcare PPO covers 90% of infertility costs (in network) and 80% (out of network), including $15,000 lifetime for IVF (in network) and $10,000 (out of network).
Retail Brand Alliance
RSA Security
Sandia Labs

Schwab (meds only)
Southern California Edison = 6 IVFs (3 per plan)
Sun Microsystems = 5k lifetime max (United Healthcare)
T-Mobile (Headquartered in Wash)
Tyco Healthcare/Tyco Electronics = $10k lifetime max
Visa = 3 IVFs
Washington Mutual (fertility coverage – everything except OVF)
Watson Wyatt, a consulting firm. I have a $15,000 Lifetime maximum for Infertility through BCBS
Williams Sonoma
Yahoo! = $20k lifetime max (Aetna)






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Davina Fankhauser

President - Fertility Within Reach

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