IVF Treatment in Israel

by Davina Fankhauser
President - Fertility Within Reach

Written by guest blogger, Sharon, from the marketing team at the Hadassah Medical Center.


IVF Treatment in Israel

How do most people choose their healthcare professional -first name in the phone book? Didn’t think so. When dealing with our health, we want the best that money can buy within our financial limitations. Consequently, we seek the recommendations of referring doctors, friends, and family. Word of mouth, from those we respect, about the doctor’s expertise and reputation, is possibly the most important determining factor when selecting a healthcare professional.

This augurs a very logical question – how do top specialists attain a reputation that places them above their peers? After all, all specialists studied for a number of years and undertook years of practical experience to attain their qualification. So why one rather than another? No doubt, part of the answer has to do with God-given talent; however, at the end of the day, there is no substitute for experience. And that is what you get when you receive IVF treatment in Israel.

There are many people who know very little about Israel. There are many people who think they know something about Israel but are misinformed. For example, how many people know that Israel is the world leader in IVF treatment? Yes, this tiny country with less than eight million inhabitants has the highest IVF rate per capita in the world.

Why is this so?

As for why Israel is the world leader in IVF, it is due to a confluence of factors. Israel is the Jewish homeland and as such is imbued with Jewish values. In Jewish culture, the family is sacrosanct and a couple without children is not really a true family. Consequently, there is immense pressure to be part of a family in Israel. Unfortunately, Israeli women are not immune from having problems conceiving. However, in Israel the government supports IVF treatment as part of its official policy for religious, existential, and humane reasons.

Women in Israel under the age of 45, whether married or single, are subsidized by the state to give birth to two children irrespective of the number of procedures required until success is achieved. At USD 3,450 per procedure this is a large financial drain on a country without much money to spare. Some things transcend money though.

The first commandment in the Jewish Torah is to “go forth and multiply,” and the Israeli government is fully supportive of it. In Hebrew this commandment is described with two words. Jewish sages deduced from this that the commandment is fulfilled only when a couple has a child of each sex.

Another Jewish commandment as expounded in the Book of Isaiah is for the Jewish people to be “a light unto the nations.” Israel attempts to manifest such lofty ideals in many aspects. In the field of IVF tough, it does this by having an open door policy for those yearning for their own family and requiring IVF treatment.  The cost of such is treatment is about 25-30% of the price for similar treatment in the U.S.

Israeli doctors who specialize in IVF are the most experienced in the world due to government policies supporting IVF. They have more instances of women having difficulties conceiving than doctors in any other country and have assisted multitudes of such women to achieve their dream. Israel is a first world country where all medical professionals speak English. What could be better than a country full of Jewish doctors with the skills, experience, and desire to help bring more babies into the world?

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Davina Fankhauser

President - Fertility Within Reach

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