Making an Impact: the case for an Infertility Caucus

by Davina Fankhauser
President - Fertility Within Reach

As a former patient, and now being immersed in the topic of infertility professionally, I can say I have seen limited progress with national legislation which supports the infertility community. Is the solution to create a Congressional Caucus on Infertility?  A congressional caucus is a group of members of the United States Congress that meets to pursue common legislative objectives.  Fertility Within Reach believes that an established forum, disseminating accurate information, is essential to inspire action and achieve legislative support.  So we reached out to our Senator and asked the question, “Can you guide us on how to establish a Congressional Caucus on Infertility?”  Senator Ed Markey’s office said, “Yes!”  From meeting in person to proofreading letters, Fertility Within Reach has received exceptional support as we work to organization an opportunity to establish greater awareness of infertility with our national leaders.

This is how Senator Ed Markey reacted to our request, “I strongly support the constitutional right of a woman to make her own decisions about her reproductive health. I am also committed to increased investment in research at the National Institutes of Health to prevent, treat, and cure diseases. Health and medical research is our “Field of Dreams” from which we harvest the information to find the cures to the illnesses and diseases that keep us from leading healthy lives.

Fertility Within Reach is working to ensure access to reproductive medicine, and countless men, women and families are happier and healthier because of their effective advocacy. I commend all of the advocates, doctors, medical professionals and staff for bringing hope and joy to countless families in Massachusetts and throughout the country. I pledge to you that I will continue the fight in the Senate for access to reproductive health services for all men and women.

I applaud Fertility Within Reach for their inspirational work. It is because of you that all individuals continue to have access timely and appropriate reproductive treatment that is leading to more happy and healthy families.”

We asked one question, and we found a wealth of information and support.  We couldn’t be more grateful to Senator Markey and his staff.

Please join our efforts to make an impact!  Contact your Congressman and/or Senator, let them know we are working to establish a Congressional Caucus on Infertility, why it’s important to you and ask them to become a member!  It’s one question, and chances are, if they know it’s important to their constituent (you), they will seriously consider the request.  There are five different, easy ways, you can ask the question (phone, website messaging, in-person visit, social media, mail/email).  If you are interested, please contact us.

All my best,

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Davina Fankhauser

President - Fertility Within Reach

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