Happy Anniversary Fertility Within Reach! What’s the Plan for 2012?

by Davina Fankhauser
President - Fertility Within Reach

Happy Anniversary Fertility Within Reach!  What’s the Plan for 2012?

Fertility Within Reach is just getting started!  One year ago Fertility Within Reach began its mission to educate and empower those seeking access to benefits necessary to build their family.  Our plans for 2012 focus on helping preserve fertility for those who have critical medical needs, such as cancer patients.

“Banking on the Future,” sets forth to address the unique needs of post-pubertal oncology patients. Through this unique project, we plan to offer individual grants to cover the cost of storing the necessary reproductive cells of children who are about to begin cancer treatment that will impact their reproductive future.   Many families, when faced with the many financial demands placed upon them while treating a child with a diagnosis of cancer, are unable to afford the expense of banking their child’s reproductive cells. The extra financial burden often makes storage unaffordable and, therefore, puts the child’s reproductive future into question.  Our goal is simple: to ensure that cost is not the major obstacle for teens to bank their reproductive cells.

This year we need your help.  Join us!  Opportunities to support infertility patients as they attempt to build their family include:

  • Volunteer
    • Writing for Social Media outreach or blogs
    • WordPress wizard to update website content
    • Coach/support those in need  (training provided)
    • CPA audit
    • Grant writing; utilizing our existing material and applying it to new opportunities
  • Participate in one of our several research opportunities
    • Fertility Within Reach recognizes in order to provide the most beneficial and effective evidence, we must work to continuously improve and update the information and tools available on our web site. Your participation is critical as it allows us to evaluate how our audience uses our site as well as to understand what additional information could be beneficial.

We rely on grants, scholarships and donations and have been granted 501(c)(3) status.  Your tax-deductible donation helps Fertility Within Reach create and distribute Patient Advocacy Kits, market the program throughout the United States and assist children whose families exhibit a financial need with banking their reproductive cells.

Together we have created a pathway to empowerment.  Please celebrate with us and join our efforts.

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Davina Fankhauser

President - Fertility Within Reach