Thanks Joan Lunden: A Poster Child for Infertility

by Davina Fankhauser
President - Fertility Within Reach

Today my husband had the opportunity to meet Joan Lunden; as in Good Morning American and Infertility patient, Joan Lunden.  He was bold and shared my excitement that he was meeting her, explaining our experience with Infertility and IVF and told her about Fertility Within Reach.  She joked she is a “Poster Child” for Infertility.

This made me reflect on the original Poster Children who were brave and created awareness to the disease, treatments and patients of Infertility.  The list is long and prestigious when you consider the celebrities, government officials, and professionals that paved the way.

Yet, history has shown us as time passes, priorities vary and what society cares about can change on a dime.  This is one reason it is critical YOU (men and women) take a risk and say, “Infertility is important”, “My experiences matter” and “I want to help others”.  Those everyday conversations are what facilitate the transition of Infertility from the surreal to reality.

We can’t leave those Poster Children hanging.  They took a risk for something they believe in and what we believe in:  Educating others Infertility exists, it’s treatable, and the results can be miraculous.  Let’s show our appreciation and make a statement every day on behalf of yourself and the 1 in 6 couples living with this disease.

Thanks for all you do Joan!

Joan London

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Davina Fankhauser

President - Fertility Within Reach