Your Impact on Giving Tuesday and Every Day

by Davina Fankhauser
President - Fertility Within Reach

Fertility Within Reach is grateful that they can give support, provide effective services, help bring justice to patients in need, and be part of a village that helps create a family.   Dan and Melissa’s story is a perfect example:

“Like more and more Americans these days, my husband and I got married relatively late in life (he was 44, I was 39).  Given our ages, we were eager to start a family and never really thought it would be much of a problem.  But after several months of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, we decided to get tested. We were saddened to learn that my husband suffers from low sperm motility but our doctor explained that with treatment we could still reasonably expect to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.

We are fortunate to have a medical insurance policy that explicitly covers male factor infertility.  After gaining pre-authorization from the insurance company we began our treatment, confidently expecting our costs to be paid for. To our surprise, after we completed our first round of treatment – and accrued thousands of dollars’ worth of medical bills – the insurance company denied our claims.

We appealed this contradictory and inexplicable decision through the company’s usual channels and even prevailed upon our doctor to submit a letter on our behalf and participate in a peer-to-peer review with a medical representative of the insurance company – all to no avail. Increasingly desperate, we sought legal counsel and were directed to Fertility Within Reach. Fighting a bureaucratic goliath like an insurance company can be can be a frustrating and demoralizing endeavor but Fertility Within Reach gave us the strength and guidance we needed. They helped us realize that we had powerful allies on our side and deftly led us through the process of getting the government to investigate our claim.  Within 10 days of filing a complaint with the state, the insurance company reversed its decision and paid our medical expenses.

Without Fertility Within Reach, we would still be battling our insurance company which would create additional stress in our dream to start a family. With their help, we’re back on the path toward achieving one of our most important life goals.”  Dan and Melissa, New York

Dan and Melissa’s insurance denied pre-authorization of another IVF cycle.  With some coaching, they appealed this action and won.  The insurer reversed this denial and provided coverage for the couple’s medical expenses.  Dan and Melissa went forward with treatment and Baby was born healthy to a very happy family.

On Giving Tuesday, we humbly ask you to volunteer your time or make tax-deductible one-time or recurring donation.  Your support is appreciated and put to good use every day.   Your contributions allow Fertility Within Reach to GIVE free services to patients in need of infertility health benefits.  Together, our giving enables people to receive timely and appropriate healthcare, optimizing their chances of a safe pregnancy and bringing home a healthy baby.

Thank you for giving your time and support.

All my best,



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Davina Fankhauser

President - Fertility Within Reach

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