Carole C. Wegner, PhD, HCLD

Carole Wegner

Carole Wegner, PhD is a research scientist with experience in clinical lab direction and medical writing gained from two post-doctoral research positions and fifteen years experience as a clinical lab director. She is board certified as a high-complexity laboratory director (HCLD) by the American Board of Bioanalysis.

As an IVF lab director, Dr. Wegner was responsible for ensuring that high quality clinical lab results were consistently achieved. She analyzed and reviewed policies, procedures and outcomes to identify areas of improvement for the lab. As a consultant, Dr. Wegner provides direction for other laboratories seeking accreditation.  As a medical writer, she writes patient education materials, compliance documentation, policy and procedure documents, and grant applications for a variety of medical clients.

Dr. Wegner writes a blog for patients called Fertility Lab Insider ( Here she explains various IVF lab topics to help patients better understand and navigate high tech infertility treatments.

Areas of Interest/ Expertise:

In vitro fertilization lab science
Reproductive ethics and law
Medical writing
Patient advocacy


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