Communicating with your Physician


Path to Empowerment Physician

Meeting with a fertility specialist is, generally, the first step in the journey to accessing infertility treatments.

Visiting a fertility specialist can be an overwhelming and difficult undertaking for many. Obstacles are present every step of the way: choosing the right physician, ensuring you ask the right questions, understanding the answers and making sure your physician accepts your insurance.

However, with the right information and preparation you can empower yourself for success in your appointments and treatment path. We have resources to help you navigate your discussions with your physician. 

To ensure you make the most of the valuable time with your doctor, it is critical to prepare. Arm yourself with information that will make the discussion with your physician more productive. Please use the checklist below to help you prepare for your visit and guide you through the communication process with your physician.


Checklist for Your Planning for Infertility Specialist Visit (click for link to 1 page PDF checklist file for users to print)


Physicians value patients who take an active approach in their health care. A strong physician-patient relationship is critical to success in an overall treatment plan. Read recommendations from two physicians who support infertility patients everyday.


Barry and Baby

Barry: A Success Story

“We consulted with several physicians to treat our Infertility.  After 11 years of trying to build a family we had enough of following blindly.  The last doctor we met with we conducted an ‘interview’.  What treatment would they recommend for us?  If different from others, why?  We came prepared and discussed our complete medical history and had a list of questions to ask if necessary.  It was a completely different experience and we felt more confident in our treatment than ever.  After having 0% success with others, we had 100% success when working with our new doctor. ” 



Dr. Brian Berger

  Guidance from an Infertility Clinic Director (click for to link to YouTube  video of Dr. Brian Berger)




Dr. Edward Kim

Guidance from a Male Infertility Specialist (click for to link to Dr. Edward Kim)