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Your support is always appreciated.  Now more than ever, your contribution is needed. Please make a donation using the button on the left!

Fertility Within Reach is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public charity so any donation you make is tax-deductible. Your donation will be used to build our services, expand educational outreach and guide our advocacy efforts for those struggling to build their family.

Previous contributions have lead to…

Patient Success Stories

  • Lisa.  She has a genetic disorder leading to miscarriage.  After working with FWR, her employer agreed to pay for her IVF with Donor Egg cycle.
  • Ed.  The resources provided by FWR, influenced the meeting with his employer, The University of Michigan, which resulted in IVF benefits for nearly 8500 employees.
  • StaceyShe and her wife were denied benefits.  They worked with FWR and have received reimbursement for most of their IVF cycle.
  • Meet Baby Mac.  Before his arrival, his parents came to Fertility Within Reach after being wrongfully denied insurance benefits.  They won their appeal.
  • Nicole.  Her doctors said she needed IVF with donor egg, but the insurer said no at first.  After working with Fertility Within Reach, their denial was overturned.

Advocating for Others

  • Fertility Within Reach joined the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, along with RESOLVE and other great organizations, to advocate for IVF benefits for Veterans.  The federal bill was signed into law in 2016 and will go into effect in 2017.

Sharing Information

  • Fertility Within Reach attended meetings with large corporations to discuss the value of offering IVF benefits to their employees.  Those corporations are offering benefits in the coming year.
  • Fertility Within Reach conducts and presents research to professional conferences around the world.

Your tax-deductible donation to Fertility Within Reach helps build families and reduce infertility health insurance disparity.  A tax deductible donation today, makes our work possible.

You can contribute via check, payable to:

Fertility Within Reach, Inc.
1005 Boylston St.  #332
Newton Highlands, MA  02461

or make a secure donation using PayPal.

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Recurring Donation


We urge you to consider the following options as a guide to your generous giving.

$15 The Policymaker’s Guide to Fertility Health Benefits

Through research with insurers, employers and legislators, we identified evidence-based information these policymakers require to support fertility health benefits.  Using this guide provides a chance to help your friend, colleague, loved one, or future children facing the disease of infertility. With a $15 contribution you will sponsor the essential tools: instructions, strategies, and sample benefit plans, to effectively communicate with insurers, employers, and legislative leaders.

$30 The little things that add up to a lot

There are many little things that add up.  A contribution of $30 helps with a variety of expenses…

  • Parking to attend a meeting with a policymaker, or
  • Mailing The Policymakers Guide to Fertility Health Benefits (PMG) to patients and/or policymakers, or
  • Office supplies such as printer ink and paper for copies, etc.


$100 Personal Coaching with Infertility patients

This service supports those who are feeling overwhelmed by their health status and too frustrated to move forward and navigate their insurance benefits on their own. Your donation will provide coaching sessions with patients via call, conference call or in person meeting (if possible). The content includes: Walking patients through The Policymaker’s Guide, answering questions related to insurance laws in their state, sharing financial resources, and offered personalized, strategic approaches to gain the health benefits they require, etc.


$150 The Policymaker’s Guide to Fertility Health Benefits distributed on each day of State House advocacy

 Now, more than ever, it is important to share up-to-date, evidenced-based information on the value of timely and appropriate fertility treatment with political leaders.  Our organization and patients have an opportunity to share these guides as they advocate to again insurance benefits, fight legislation which could reduce access to treatment, and preserve the insurance coverage currently available.


$175 The Policymaker’s Guide to Fertility Health Benefits, Coaching, and Review of patients written communication

In addition to the PMG and personal coaching, this service includes reviewing written communications related to their health benefits including an insurance appeal and proof-reading letter(s) to their employer/insurer/legislator. Our feedback is not legal advice, but deemed from experience communicating with policy makers and evidence-based research.


$250 Local patient seminar on how to access the care you need to build your family

With this donation level you are able to help multiple patients at the same time. Your contribution will sponsor a seminar where we will educate individuals of resources/options/strategies to gain access to infertility treatment, share financial options, and explain how current legislation could impact their health care benefits, including the Affordable Care Act. Participants will receive a copy of The Policymaker’s Guide to Fertility Health Benefits.


$375 Storage of reproductive cells for adolescent-oncology patient prior to cancer treatment

Have you ever seen a child with cancer and wished there was a way to spare them suffering? Research shows those diagnosed with infertility experience the same level of stress as those diagnosed with cancer. Children and adolescents have excellent cancer survival rates and we have a chance to spare them from encountering the same level of stress as an adult, when they attempt to build their family. Supporting our Banking on the Future program is directly in line with supporting Fertility Within Reach’s mission to preserve reproductive health.

Supporting Someone You Love

Dr. Leonard Rudnick, Father of Advocate and Grandfather.


If you know someone living with infertility and want to “do something” to support them, we encourage you to advocate on their behalf and consider donating to Fertility Within Reach. Honor someone you respect or love who is battling infertility or congratulate someone who has found resolution.


Workplace Giving

Payroll Deduction

Many companies as well as federal, state, and local governments offer their employees the opportunity to contribute to the charities of their choice through the convenience of payroll deduction.

If you are a non-government employee, your company may offer workplace giving. It’s a great way to support Fertility Within Reach and your employer does all the work for you. To find out how to give to Fertility Within Reach through your workplace, ask your employer if they have a Workplace Giving program. Let them know you want to donate to Fertility Within Reach and they can contact us at or 857-636-8674 to get Fertility Within Reach registered. You can also contact us directly and we can reach out to your employer to add Fertility Within Reach to your Workplace Giving program.

Employer Matching Programs

Corporate matching is a great way to increase the impact of your gift to a non-profit organization like Fertility Within Reach. Many employers offer a matching program for charitable giving. You can double or even triple the amount of your gift to Fertility Within Reach if you are employed by a company—or one of their divisions, subsidiaries, or affiliates—that matches charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations.  Also, many other companies match contributions of retirees, employees’ spouses, and directors. Please check with your Human Resources department.If your company matches employee donations, please request a matching gift form from your human resource department (your company may have a foundation or a philanthropy/community support office) and submit it along with your donation. Thank you!

To support Fertility Within Reach through your company’s Matching Gifts program:

  • Pick up a “Matching Gift Form” from your human resources or community relations department
  • Complete your portion of the form
  • Send it to Fertility Within Reach’s headquarters:


In the United States, a staggering 86% of Americans are without health insurance to cover treatment for Infertility. Infertility and reproductive preservation health care being available to only those who can afford to pay out of pocket is an injustice. This is why Fertility Within Reach, a 501(c) 3 non-profit, helps couples advocate for themselves and successfully negotiate with doctors, insurance companies, employers to get the support they need. This organization is doing amazing things for thousands of couples across the U.S. and we need your help.

Please contact us if you have any questions related to our financial documents.

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