Volunteer Opportunities

We thank you for your interest and desire to support infertility patients and the mission of Fertility Within Reach.

In 2014 we aim to:

  • Distribute The Policymaker’s Guide to Infertility Health Benefits to infertility patients and professionals
  • Assist children whose families exhibit a financial need with banking their reproductive cells
  • Present educational material online and in person through video and seminars

We appreciate all contributions.  Giving of your time is priceless to our organization as well as those we support.  Your participation makes a tremendous difference!

  • Volunteer opportunities include:
    • Writing Social Media content  (virtual)
    • Writing website blogs  (virtual)
    • WordPress wizard to update website content  (virtual)
    • WordPress and SEO savvy volunteer to update website  (virtual)
    • Office support  (in person)
    • CPA audit  (virtual)
    • Grant writing; utilizing our existing material and applying it to identified opportunities  (virtual)

What interests you?  How would you like to make a difference?  Please Contact us!