Financial Assistance Application Guide

Now that you have reviewed our extensive list of Grant opportunities, we believe this application guide will help optimize your chances of being awarded financial assistance.  Whether you are filling out an application for financial assistance related to fertility treatment or adoption, there are basic tips to help ensure your success.


Tips for filling out an application:

  • BEFORE you begin filling the application, read it in full.
  • Fill out the form completely.
  • Be truthful.
  • For handwritten applications, use blue or black ink pens.
  • Print clearly and legibly.
  • Be neat and accurate.
  • Write “Does Not Apply” (or “N/A” for Not Applicable) in the space if the question does not apply to you. Do not leave it blank.
  • Get your financial information in order.
  • If your application requires particular financial documentation, make sure you include the information requested.
  • If the application requests a personal statement include a heartfelt, honest, and detailed response.
  • Be aware of application deadlines! Submit your application before or on the designated date.
  • Proofread and check the application for completeness before submission.
  • Mail or turn the application into the correct person or place.
  • If using postal service, considering purchasing delivery confirmation to track whether your application was received in time.

Avoid these mistakes:

  • Not following directions
  • Misspelled words
  • Crossed out writing
  • Not printed
  • Wrinkled or messy application form
  • Incomplete information or unanswered questions
  • Application not turned in by the deadline
  • Forgetting to sign the application

Tips co-written by Camille T.C. Hammond, MD, MPH, CEO Tinina Q. Cade Foundation and Davina Fankhauser, MA