Personal fundraisers are a great way to pay for infertility treatment.  This is typically an option for individuals willing to let others know they are trying to access medical treatment needed to build their family.  From Crowd Funding to garage sales, accepting donations from members of your social network can ease your burden of paying for fertility treatment and help you achieve your goal. Allowing your social network to contribute money for your IVF goal can significantly ease the financial burden of paying for fertility treatment.

Crowd funding

This site seems community oriented and is simple to use.  You create a custom page for yourself and you have the option of creating a list of items, with associated prices, to demonstrate what the money is being used for.  People can select one or more and either “pay” for their gift or simply make a donation. The fees are 7.5% (4% for the service and 3.5% for credit card processing) of the total gift amount.  There are no restrictions in how you use the money and are able to have the funds transferred to a bank account or receive a check. 

Fill Their Arms, Inc. is a charitable organization serving as a fundraising platform for families who wish to obtain personalized assistance as they raise the funds that are needed in their efforts toward parenthood.  There are no percentage fees or financial penalties with Fill Their Arms and they provide support along the entire process as you raise the funds that are needed in your efforts toward parenthood.  Contact Fill Their Arms to learn about their free services.

This crowd-funding site offers options such as rewards for donating above certain amounts and various social media integration. They charge 4% of the total amount, plus PayPal fees per transaction. In addition, they return all the money raised for your fundraiser.

This fundraising site is more of a traditional and easy to set up.  You create your page with a heartfelt description and goal.  You send the link to your friends and family.  Money may be withdrawn from your fundraiser early, but they stipulate that you must leave at least $500 in your account until the fundraiser is closed. The service charge is 7% and you can access your funds wither through PayPal or personal check. is an online resource for fundraising information over the Internet.  They provide fundraising tips, ideas, an online forum and directory of services. 

Flexible Spending Accounts

If your employer offers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), you have an interest free infertility loan right under your nose. You can elect to contribute money into your FSA plan.  Ask your employer what the maximum amount is allowed.    Your weekly payment is a pretax payroll deduction.  Not only does it reduce the amount you pay in FICA, Federal, and State income taxes, you are able to use this money to be reimbursed for medical care you pay out of pocket. 


Infertility Treatments are Tax-deductible

Infertility treatment costs are tax-deductible medical expenses. You can use IRS Schedule A to record your medical expenses and calculate the amount of your write off each year. The IRS limits that amount of qualified medical deductions you are allowed to take each year.  These limitations are complicated so review Schedule A thoroughly or consult with the IRS or an accountant if you will benefit.

Other Fundraising Examples

Work a second job.  Another job/income will help you reach your goals much faster.  Even if you and your partner worked an additional 10 hours each week, at the end of the year you could earn as much as the cost of an IVF cycle.

Garage Sales are a great way to clear the clutter and collect some funds.  Perhaps your family or friends would be willing to donate items for your sale. 

Capitalize on your skills.  Whatever you are good at, offer to the public for a price.  We know a infertility patients, who was a baker.  She personally sold cupcakes and earned $2,000 during one weekend. 

Be a gift recipient.  If you know someone having a birthday, baby shower or anniversary party ask if they would encourage people to make a donation to your family building efforts. 

Ask Family and Friends for help.  This is probably the most difficult of all the personal options, but it can make a huge difference. 

Letter to Friends/Family. If your family and close friends know that you are struggling and that you have a financial need to help build your family, they may be willing to give to support the cause. Write a letter describing your struggles, your goals and a humble request for their support.  They may be willing to provide you with cash instead of a birthday or holiday present.



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