Empower Yourself

So, you’re having difficulty conceiving and are referred to a Fertility Clinic. The only problem is your health insurance policy doesn’t include coverage for Assisted Reproductive Treatment (including intrauterine insemination), in-vitro fertilization or the drugs included with these treatments. Is all hope lost? NO

While Fertility Within Reach cannot guarantee financial coverage, there are ways to fight back before waving the white flag.  We have developed a Path to Empowerment.  You can begin your self-advocacy efforts at any of the stages identified:

Communicating with your Physician

Communicating with your Insurance Provider

Communicating with your Employer

Communicating with your Legislator

All the information you need to be successful is found on this website.  However, self-empowerment is not for everyone.  Should you
decide you would like personalized support, our Infertility Insurance Consulting may be what you are looking for.  To learn more,
contact us at admin@fertilitywithinreach.org.

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