Employer Health Benefits


  • Sixty-five percent of insurance companies that provide infertility treatment benefits offer it because an employee at a workplace asked for the coverage.
  • 900 companies were surveyed in a 2006 employer survey conducted by consulting firm William M. Mercer. Of those that offered infertility coverage, 91% said they had NO INCREASE in healthcare costs as a result of adding this benefit.

Why do employers offer infertility insurance coverage?

  • The primary reason that employers include infertility insurance in their healthcare benefits package was because an employee requested it (1).
  • A 2006 survey of companies in the United States revealed that 91% of employers who offer infertility benefits say they have not experienced any significant increases in their overall costs as a result of offering this coverage (1).
  • Employers that provide infertility benefits experience improved retention, recruit valuable employees and enjoy higher staff morale (2).

Why should employers offer infertility coverage?

  • Studies indicate that the cost of including IVF services in healthcare benefits is a minute fraction of the annual cost of a family benefits plan (3, 4).
  • Self-insured corporations might not be aware of state mandates since they are not required to abide by them. These companies might consider adding certain state mandated inclusions to their benefit plan if they were brought to their attention.

What can i do if my employer doesn’t offer or limits infertility insurance coverage?

  • Among other reasons employers cite for not offering infertility insurance coverage is that they had little demand from their employees (1).
      • ASK your employee benefits representative to consider adding coverage.
    • ARM yourself with evidence-based information on the benefits to the company.
    • NETWORK with your co-workers. Strength builds when numbers increase! Chances are that many of them have either been directly impacted by infertility or know someone who has.
    • If necessary, companies may grant exceptions when requested by an employee.For example, if your benefits are capped at one IVF cycle but you and your physician believe another is necessary, your employer may consider making an exception if you CONTACT them about it.
    • PROVIDE your employer with the factual supportive information found on this website.


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