State Resource Information

State State Legislature Website Insurance Mandate (if any) and financing support Department of Insurance Website
Alabama AL Website AL State Insurance Department
Alaska AK Legislature AK Insurance Appeal
Arizona AZ Website AZ Consumer Assistance
Arkansas AR Website AR mandate AR Insurance Department Consumer Division
California CA Website CA mandate CA Consumer Complaints
Colorado CO Website CO Insurance Complaint Form
Connecticut CT Website CT mandate CT Insurance Division
Delaware DE Legislature DE Department of Insurance
District of Columbia DC Government DC Division of Insurance
Florida FL Website FL Department of Financial Services
Georgia GA Website GA Consumer Complaint Form
Hawaii HI Website HI mandate HI Consumer Complaint Form
Idaho ID Website ID Consumer Complaint Form
Illinois IL Legislature IL Mandate IL Insurance Complaints
Indiana IN Website IN Department of Insurance Complaints
Iowa IA Website IA Department of Insurance Complaints
Kansas KS Legislature KS Department of Insurance Complaints
Kentucky KY Website KY Department of Insurance
Louisiana LA Website LA mandate LA Consumer Complaint Forms
Maine ME Legislature ME Department of Insurance Complaint Form
Maryland MD Website MD mandate MD Insurance Administration
Massachusetts MA Website MA mandate MA Department of Insurance Consumer Complaint Form
Michigan MI Website MI Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Minnesota MN Website MN Department of Insurance Commerce
Mississippi MS Website MS Insurance Department
Missouri MO Website MO Department of Insurance Consumer Complaints
Montana MT Website MT Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Complaint Form
Nebraska NE Website NE Department of Insurance Complaint Form
Nevada NV Website NV Department of Insurance Complaint Form
New Hampshire NH Website NH Insurance Department Complaints
New Jersey NJ Website NJ mandate NJ Department of Banking and Insurance
New Mexico NM Website NM Public Regulation Commission
New York NY Website NY mandateNY Infertility Demonstration Program NY State Insurance Department
North Carolina NC Website NC Department of Insurance
North Dakota ND Website ND Department of Insurance File a Complaint
Ohio OH Website OH mandate OH Department of Insurance
Oklahoma OK Website OK Insurance Department
Oregon OR Website OR Insurance Division
Pennsylvania PA Website PA Insurance Department
Rhode Island RI Website RI mandate RI Division of Insurance Regulation
South Carolina SC Website SC Department of Insurance
South Dakota SD Website SD Division of Insurance
Tennessee TN Website TN Department of Commerce and Insurance
Texas TX Website TX mandate TX Department of Insurance
Utah UT Website UT Insurance Department
Vermont VT Website VT Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration
Virginia VA Website VA State Corportation Commission
Washington WA Website WA Office of the Insurance Commissioner
West Virginia WV Website WV mandate WV Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
Wisconsin WI Website WI Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Wyoming WY Website WY Insurance Department

Understanding State Mandates


  • State Mandate:any state initiated constitutional, statutory or executive action that requires a local government to establish, expand, or modify its activities in such a way as to necessitate additional expenditures from local revenues, excluding any order issued by a state court and any legislation necessary to comply with a federal mandate.
  • Mandate to Offer: insurers must offer infertility benefits to the employers, but employers choose whether to add this benefit to their plan.
  • Mandate to Cover: requires both insurers and employers to provide infertility treatment benefits. Some states offer coverage with specified exemptions (e.g. religious organizations, businesses with fewer than 25 employees, etc.).
  • Self-Insured:company uses their own property or interests against possible loss by establishing a special fund for the purpose instead of seeking coverage with an underwriter.

Only 15 states have some form of mandated infertility treatment benefits. Self-insured companies are exempt from state mandates by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act; however, there are some companies, such as Gillette, that are self-insured and still provide infertility treatment benefits because they understand it’s “the right thing to do”.

If your company does not provide coverage, we provide information and resources to help you approach your employers.