Resources to Support all Conversations


When communicating with employers, insurers and legislators, it is critical to share facts which support your argument; it is affordable for you to receive family building benefits, including the diagnosis and treatment of Infertility. Fertility Within Reach is happy to provide the following supporting facts and sources to best prepare you:

Resources to Support All Conversations


The Policymaker’s Guide to Infertility Health Benefits

Fertility Within Reach is proud to share our Policymaker’s Guide to Infertility Health Benefits with you.  Please sign up for our newsletter to have a free copy will be emailed to you.

The content within the guide is a proven tool used to effectively communicate with policymakers such as employers, insurers, and legislators, as you try to gain access to infertility insurance benefits.

You can find step-by-step checklists for communication at
You can also contact our staff for additional support at

Should you require a “hard copy” to share with a policymaker, please contact us.  We are happy to ship you this version at a nominal fee.


*The Policymaker’s Guide to Infertility Health Benefits is a product of Fertility Within Reach and is protected by copyright laws.

For information on Infertility on a broader scale, see the Global Impact of Fertility Decline.