Shared Risk

Shared-Risk plans or money-back plans enable patients to pay for multiple IVF cycles upfront, at a discounted rate.  If you do not achieve pregnancy, you can receive a percentage back to use toward other family building options such as donor egg IVF cycle or adoption.  However, should a patient become pregnant on their first cycle, they are not reimbursed for the extra cycles they have paid for.  The American Society for Reproductive Medicine Ethics Committee has determined these plans can be ethical if:  “It should also be clear to patients that they will be paying a higher cost for IVF if they in fact succeed on the first or second cycle than if they had not chosen the shared-risk program, and that, in any event, the costs of screening and drugs are not included.”  We encourage patients to read the fine print.


Attain® IVF

Attain IVF Programs provide multiple IVF treatments for a single, discounted fee. They are available exclusively at fertility clinics within the Attain Fertility Centers network.  Their programs include Multi-Cycle, Refund, and Donor Egg programs. Visit their website to learn more about each program and how to apply.

The ARC Fertility Program®

ARC offers treatment package pricing includes up to three live cycles plus three frozen cycles from a nationwide network of physicians and clinics. A refund guarantee is available if treatment is not successful. The predetermined pricing of ARC treatment packages varies from practice to practice. Package pricing is also available for intrauterine insemination (IUI), clomiphene and gonadotropin cycles, as well as tubal reversal and urological services. Payment is made in advance to ARC, and the fee must be paid whether the patient conceives or not. ARC makes payments directly to the doctor.  Package pricing is determined by each patient’s medical history.  The ARC Pharmacy Plan™ offers the patient the ability to purchase and finance medications. To learn more, visit their website or call 888-990-2727.

The Assisted Reproduction Insurance Program®

A program offering ten doctor-recommend insurance plan options for individual fertility needs. If pregnancy is not achieved, the program offers refunds and credits if there is no success or transfers to egg donor plans within the program during the 18-month enrollment term. The program offers discounts on fertility medications through Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy.  Patients may request their IVF doctor to join the preferred provider network.

The Assure IVF Refund Program

The Assure IVF Refund Program allows patients to pay a fixed, discounted fee for up to three fresh and three frozen cycles. If a successful birth has not been achieved after completing the allotted cycles, the patient will receive a refund of 80% to 100% of their program fees (patient and treatment dependent). The Assure IVF Program has partnered with American Healthcare Lending, providing a financing option to fund their participation in the program.  Their website provides greater details. 


IVFAdvantage’s network of nationwide clinics providing multiple IVF treatments for a single, reduced fee.   There are two packages to choose from for a single reduced fee.  You can apply for low-interest financing to cover your treatment and medications.  The terms are up to 84 months and there are no pre-payment penalties.  IVFAdvantage is available to any cash paying IVF patient using her own eggs.  For additional details, visit their website, call 855-996-7283 or email

The IVF Financial Share Program
This is an IVF refund program offering up to 3 fresh and 3 frozen cycles at an upfront discounted fee.  If a birth is not achieved, patient will receive a 70% refund.  Treatment must be received at an In Vitro Sciences Center of Excellence.  To be eligible, patients must be under the age of 38, unless donor eggs are utilized and in addition to an application, medical records are required.

Contact In Vitro Sciences to learn if your clinic participates in their program via website or call 877-678-1999.

WINFertility® Treatment Program
Self-pay patients pay a single, discounted Treatment Bundle fee that includes both the medical treatment and the infertility medications required.  Savings are up to 40% off the costs of fee-for-service and retail pharmacy drug prices. Low-interest financing is available for all program participants.  Patients must receive treatment through a WINFertility Network practice.  All medications distributed through Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy.  To learn more, visit their website or call 855-705-4483. 


WINFertilityRx offers up to 40% savings on fertility medications for self-pay patients when they purchase Medication BundlesSM.  Financing options are available to help pay for medications over time.  This program is available to all patients with a valid US physician prescription and provides free shipping within the US.  To learn more, visit their website or call 855-678-3255.




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