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“Thank YOU for all your important work and I’m so glad my story has helped others. It really does come down to the specifics of the situation. I am forever grateful to you for the time you spent with me explaining how the system works and reviewing my letter, etc. I felt so alone in the whole process until I found you. You were a huge source of support and sage advice. I really could not have done it without you. Really so grateful.” – K.I., Cambridge, MA 

“I will never forget you.  You are a Godsend.  The insurance company covered all my costs for the cycle in dispute from last year.” – Tasha L. in Queens, NY  

“Davina Fankhauser of Fertility Within Reach as been an invaluable personal resource for me.  While I was writing a resolution for the Massachusetts Medical Society to support the current state fertility mandate, she provided encouragement, some supporting data, and the courage to testify in front of my peers on a subject I felt very passionate about.  Davina herself has testified at the MA State House about her personal struggle with infertility and the emotional and financial costs of treatment.  I have been inspired by Davina’s efforts: if one individual can do so much to increase awareness and access to fertility treatment, imagine what we could do if we all worked together.” –  Dr. Pei-Li Huang, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Your Fertility Solutions, Dedham, MA

“Fertility Within Reach provided me with incredible guidance regarding the IVF insurance appeal process. I was not able to find this level of expertise anywhere else in my search for assistance. The staff offered a caring, knowledgeable and detailed approach, and they even followed up with additional ideas to help me along the way. I feel so lucky to have found the support of this wonderful organization, and I recommend the staff with 110% confidence.”  – Sara in Newton, MA

“We couldn’t have done any of this without the support of Fertility Within Reach.  Yes our bill failed, but our voices were heard.  I’m so thankful the founders of Fertility Within Reach continue to help others make their voice heard even though they have a resolution to their infertility.”  
– Shawn & Katie Richards, Maine

We can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support. Hopefully we can make this happen!” – Matt and Leanne, Massachusetts

“We decided to tackle the issue of assisted reproductive technology and insurance companies head on; when no one else would help us, Fertility Within Reach provided a much needed helping hand. Without their plethora of available information, research, support and guidance, we would not have been as prepared as we were when we met with NC political officials and the media in our fight for recognition & awareness of infertility & women’s reproductive issues.  Thank you for everything, FWR!”- Jamie & Jacob Pursley, Founders – Robert William Foundation

“Like more and more Americans these days, my husband and I got married relatively late in life (he was 44, I was 39).  Given our ages, we were eager to start a family and never really thought it would be much of a problem.  But after several months of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, we decided to get tested. We were saddened to learn that my husband suffers from low sperm motility but our doctor explained that with treatment we could still reasonably expect to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.

We are fortunate to have a medical insurance policy that explicitly covers male factor infertility.  After gaining pre-authorization from the insurance company we began our treatment, confidently expecting our costs to be paid for. To our surprise, after we completed our first round of treatment – and accrued thousands of dollars worth of medical bills – the insurance company denied our claims.

We appealed this contradictory and inexplicable decision through the company’s usual channels and even prevailed upon our doctor to submit a letter on our behalf and participate in a peer-to-peer review with a medical representative of the insurance company – all to no avail. Increasingly desperate, we sought legal counsel and were directed to Fertility Within Reach. Fighting a bureaucratic goliath like an insurance company can be can be a frustrating and demoralizing endeavor but Fertility Within Reach gave us the strength and guidance we needed. They helped us realize that we had powerful allies on our side and deftly led us through the process of getting the government to investigate our claim.  Within 10 days of filing a complaint with the state, the insurance company reversed its decision and is now paying our medical expenses.

Without Fertility Within Reach, we would still be battling our insurance company which would create additional stress in our dream to start a family. With their help, we’re back on the path toward achieving one of our most important life goals.”  Dan and Melissa, New York

I thought Kitty was the most tenacious advocate I had ever known, until I met Davina.” — Governor Michael Dukakis

“I think Davina could lead a small country if she wanted to.” — Middlesex County Sheriff, Former Massachusetts State Representative, Peter J. Koutoujian

Senator Edward J. Markey receiving the Fertility Within Reach Reproductive Health Champion Award
I am honored to be recognized by Fertility Within Reach, a tireless champion for reproductive health for all. Fertility Within Reach is working to ensure access to reproductive medicine, and countless men, women and families are happier and healthier because of their effective advocacy. I commend all of the advocates, doctors, medical professionals and staff for bringing hope and joy to countless families in Massachusetts and throughout the country.

Throughout my career in Congress, I have stood up for access to health care and preventive health services. The Affordable Care Act was the proudest vote of my Congressional career, and I will fight to protect it against partisan attacks. Before passage of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies were allowed to charge women more than men for the same health plan. Now, the law bans insurance companies from charging women more for the same coverage. The health care law also ensures that preventive services – such as cancer screenings, colonoscopies and mammograms are available free of charge. This kind of care means we now have a health care system instead of a sick care system.

I have long worked to protect the public from exposure to toxic chemicals present in our air, water, food and household products that may impact fertility. I’ve introduced legislation to ensure that personal care and cosmetics products are free of harmful ingredients and that all ingredients that are used are fully disclosed to consumers. I’ve also introduced legislation that passed the House of Representatives to establish a program to test whether chemicals found in drinking water are endocrine disruptors and the extent to which they may impact health.

I strongly support the constitutional right of a woman to make her own decisions about her reproductive health. I am also committed to increased investment in research at the National Institutes of Health to prevent, treat, and cure diseases. Health and medical research is our “Field of Dreams” from which we harvest the information to find the cures to the illnesses and diseases that keep us from leading healthy lives.

I thank you for this distinguished honor. I pledge to you that I will continue the fight in the Senate for access to reproductive health services for all men and women. I applaud Fertility Within Reach for their inspirational work. It is because of you that all individuals continue to have access timely and appropriate reproductive treatment that is leading to more happy and healthy families.  Thank you.

Sincerely,   Edward J. Markey

“Being a public educator myself in regards to third party family formation and building, especially in the arena of Surrogacy, I love the fact that Fertility Within Reach is so strongly advocating change to insurance policies to support surrogacy as well as empowering others to take charge of changing their own insurance coverage a crossed the nation.  The Fertility Within Reach website has a wealth of information that everyone struggling with finding insurance for their own family building plans should read and implement!”- Sharon LaMothe, LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting

“My wife and I both have vivid memories of being told that I was infertile.  It was so matter of fact when the nurse on the other end of the line said “no sperm” — we were so emotionally unprepared for that answer.   We were not the couple that knew ahead of time that we would have challenges with becoming pregnant, that said, looking back, maybe we should have been.  Up until the age of 3 I was under the care of multiple physicians and went through several surgeries to correct a congenital defect.  Since then, and several surgeries later, we found out the hard way that most likely damage from corrective procedures had been done to my reproductive system and had rendered me obstructed.  I had since college had pain in that region, but I never connected the two until I began working with Dr. Turek from the Turek Clinic in San Francisco.  I self-referred to Dr. Turek’s care after he was able to fluently speak to the nature of my congenital defect (which was rare) and how it could possibly be impacting my fertility.  After a visit to his clinic last November, I knew that I had been placed in the best care available and that my chances of success through corrective surgery would be high.

I mention all of this because the next step would be a challenge that would require much direction, guidance and faith.  Our goals were to do everything possible, within reason, to survive this emotionally and financially.  My health insurance plan had an infertility clause built into it – stating that beyond the diagnosis of infertility, we would not be covered for any corrective measures.  It was then that we began looking for resources on how to guide us through a lengthy pre-determination and expected appeals process with our health insurance.  Through an online search, we were led to the “Fertility Within Reach” organization, who’s mission to “empower infertile individuals to advocate in order to build their family” was exactly what we needed at that time.  We were facing a situation where denial from my insurance was a foregone conclusion unless we carefully presented our case.  It was then that we met Davina, who quickly responded to an email that I sent one night not knowing what to expect, and after her response, I knew immediately that we had been placed in great hands that were both knowledgeable and caring.  She took her time to carefully help us hand craft the cover letter to my insurance, and guide us through what to present to them as evidence that our case needed to be approved for coverage. 

I am pleased to say that my wife and I have received a letter of approval from my health insurance (with no appeal), and this would not have been possible without the careful guidance and direction from Davina at Fertility Within Reach.  I have intentionally used the word “led” in this testimonial as an opportunity to say that both Davina and Dr. Turek have been an answer to prayer.  We do not yet know how this story ends, the corrective surgery to address both the infertility and pain is being scheduled for the end of May, however, we will continue to have faith knowing that God has brought amazing individuals into our lives to show that we are not alone. 

Thank You to Fertility Within Reach, and specifically Davina, for being so willing to be part of this with us.  We are tremendously grateful and highly recommend their services to any couple who deals with the unique and personal challenge of infertility.”           –Matthew & Heather Phillips